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Pranic Exchange is a portal for all Pranic Healers worldwide to connect and network. One of the purposes in creating this internet site is to utilize the depth of talents within the family of Pranic Healers. It is a realization that Pranic Healers, although we all meditate, heal and/or teach, have other fields of expertise that we can tap within the members. Most likely in every Pranic Healing workshop, there are many professionals in different categories that we do not know since we do not have the time to really get to know each other. In case one needs a painter, a lawyer, a handyman, a nurse, an electrician, a computer expert, a web or graphic designer, a marketing specialist, a bookkeeper, an accountant, a broker, an agriculturist, a business partner, a financial planner, a realtor, a massage therapist, a business owner, a chiropractor, a real estate builder, a musician, an artist, a writer, an organizer, a nutritionist, a teacher, a physical trainer, an inventor, a salesman, a banker, a politician, an event planner, a videographer, an animator, a doctor, a consultant, a plumber, a resource person and other specialists, we do not need to search elsewhere. We can contact Pranic Healers directly who we can confidently rely on if we have personal or business needs. It would be amazing to find an employee or a boss who meditates and understands the “Golden Rule” or the “Law of Karma” and practice the principles. It would be great if we can access a network of people who we can trust because we belong to the Pranic Healing Family. We can all network to promote and help each other.


Pranic Exchange can also be a venue for finding one’s partner in life. Let’s admit that there are many amazing single men and women in Pranic Healing. As we spiritualize ourselves, we find it harder and harder to find someone to match our energies. As Master Choa had said before, “I don’t understand why Pranic Healers still look outside of the Pranic Healing family.

Business Listings

Pranic Exchange can be a place for Pranic Healers who have their own businesses to advertise. Members can put an ad in the BUSINESS LISTING SECTION so members will know about your business. Whether we need someone locally or someone in another part of the world, this is not a problem. We must admit that with the advent of the internet, the world is getting smaller. We can use their services or we can refer them to our friends. This is a win-win situation for all.

Forum Section

Pranic Healing is also a venue for people to share anything that will complement or add to Master ChoaKok Sui’s teachings. We created the FORUM SECTION where members can request for a healing or maybe for healing protocols that cannot be found in any of the books. It can be an avenue for sharing healthy and delicious vegetarian recipes, the best find of the day, be it a great book, a wonderful CD, an amazing restaurant, a new gadget, a beautiful place to visit and much more.


Pranic Exchange is a good avenue for Pranic Healers all over the world to know where the big Pranic Healing events are happening – Arhatic Retreat in New York? – In California? – In Florida? – In Puerto Rico? – In Italy? – In Brazil? – In Colombia? – In Middle East? – In Manila? – In Germany? – At the Ashram in India? Now, Pranic Healers are able to plan their schedule accordingly based on choices he/she makes.


A CHARITY SECTION is included so that we can practice the “art and science of tithing” and observe how our lives improve just by following the teachings of Master ChoaKok Sui. Some Pranic Healers want to donate but don’t know how or where to give the money. Some suggested non-profit organizations were chosen and categorized accordingly depending on how you want the good karma generated by your donation to come back to you and your family.



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